LeRoy City Lines Commuter Service

This 31 passenger 'executive coach' makes morning and afternoon trips for riders at LeRoy and Grand Meadow to Rochester: Saint Marys Hospital, Downtown at Mayo Clinic Center and then Walmart South. Typical ride time is about an hour.

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  • Spacious reclining seats.

  • Downtown Mayo Center Stop

  • Need we say more?

Survey Monkey
This is a quick 10-question survey designed to gather input from riders and non-riders. Please note, there is a question about a possible expansion of service. It us crucial that we hear from as many of you as possible, even if you have not used our service. Don’t forget to enter your name and email address, if you would like to be included in a drawing for a free round-trip ticket ($20 value). All survey responses are anonymous, including to the survey administrator. Please complete the survey by Friday, March 17. Thanks in advance for your participation and your continued support!
Tickets (Passes)
  • Monthly pass for $219
  • 10-ride pass for $86
  • Single ride for $10

Prices are equal to commuter service at Spring Valley.

Where to purchase

  • LeRoy & Grand Meadow city halls.
  • Single ride also from bus driver.
  • Mayo employees may purchase monthly or 10-ride passes through Mayo's commuter program which qualify for subsidies up to $80/mo.

Morning Schedule

LeRoy: 6:15 am
Grand Meadow: 6:37 am
Saint Marys Hospital: 7:10 am
Downtown Rochester: 7:15 am
Walmart South: 7:29 am
LeRoy; 8:08 am

Afternoon Schedule

LeRoy: 4:15 pm 
Saint Marys Hospital: 5:00 pm
Downtown Rochester: 5:10 pm
Walmart South: 5:24 pm
Grand Meadow: 5:50 pm
LeRoy: 6:08 pm

Everybody is welcome.

LeRoy City Lines finally restores the sort of service previously known as, 'the Mayo bus'. Because we are locally owned and operated by the City of LeRoy / Economic Development Authority our purpose is to benefit EVERYBODY in this area.